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Upcoming Events

Some of SAFIC’s upcoming events are:

1. Kavayah: Classical Sanskrit Poets of India 

The vast horizon of classical Sanskrit literature is adorned with a galaxy of poets and creative writers like Bhasa, Kalidasa, Bharavi, Magha, Bhartrihari, Bhavabhuti, Sriharsha, Asvaghosa, Banabhatta, Jayadeva, Visnusharma, Somadeva, Visakhadatta and many others.

‘Kavayah’ is an attempt to present some out out of the many poets whose works have made a great impression in the literary world of Sanskrit.


Date: July 16 – 24, 20SAFIC-Poster for Poets17

Timings: 9:30–11:30 am & 4:30–7:30 pm

Venue: Ashram Exhibition Hall (Entrance from Beach Side), Beach Road, Puducherry